Disease Resistant Elms

The elm varieties now available at Knecht’s Nurseries are all extremely resistant to Dutch Elm Disease and grow very quickly into beautiful shade trees in almost any soil.  Decades of extensive breeding and testing has brought many outstanding selections to the retail marketplace that enable homeowners to plant elms without worrying about Dutch Elm Disease

Here at Knecht’s – we have selected four of the very best varieties, and we have good inventories available for fall planting.  Triumph Elm and Discovery Elm are complex hybrids.  Triumph is a taller, vase shaped elm that looks much like an American Elm, and has deep dark green glossy leaves that look great all season.  Discovery is a shorter, rounder variety useful for people who want a k\more modest sized shade tree.

Princeton American Elm and New Harmony American Elm are true American Elms resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.  Both grow quickly and become tall spreading shade trees and can tolerate difficult soils and sites.

All these elms are available at Knecht’s in nursery pots for easy planting, and many are grown in our special air root  pruning pots that help create root systems that have exceptionally good structure, and establish very quickly.  Transplant shock is almost completely eliminated for the trees we grow in these unique air root pruning pots. This makes fall planting of elm trees easy and successful.

Reports we get from customers are that the elm trees we provided and/or  planted have grown faster than they ever expected.  Give one of our excellent elms a try, and enjoy  cooling shade in just a few years.