Miscanthus purple flame grass

Don’t Forget the Grasses!

Flowers are so obvious. Huge blooms, flashy colors, sweet smells. But what about after the flowers have faded? Grasses, the unsung heroes of the landscaping world, step in to pick up the slack! Tough and low maintenance, grasses are excellent for providing texture and vertical interest even in the cold winter months.


This native grass displays gorgeous blue blades throughout the summer and puts on a vibrant burgundy color in fall that is maintained through the winter. Wait to cut plants back until spring when new growth emerges and let birds snack on the seeds all winter. Great for areas with poor soil, drought tolerant, and adaptable to many soil types, bluestem is an all-around superb choice for sunny sites.

Flame Grass

Handsome green blades easily attain 4 feet of height and are topped with shiny silver plumes in late summer. As the weather cools, Flame Grass earns its name with bright orange and red color that takes on burgundy tones as winter proceeds. This grass is eye-catching even from a distance! Plant it in a sunny spot and let clumps slowly expand for a lovely specimen or accent.


Northwind is an excellent choice for strong vertical accents and unlike some grasses, is right at home in a more formal landscape. This grass maintains a tidy narrow clump, reaches up to 5 feet, and displays clean green blades that turn a tan to yellow in the fall. Salt tolerant and adaptable to many soil types including moist areas and clay. Song birds use it for food and protection, making this an even more versatile choice.