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Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle

Dwarf bush honeysuckle is a versatile shrub that is a workhorse in the landscape. Tolerant of tough sites and flexible in its sun requirements, it’s a great choice where you need low maintenance color.  

We love this shrub and recommend it often, and that’s not because we’re boring, but because it is such a great plant. The elegant arching form, charming yellow flowers, and great fall color are among its notable features. But wait, there’s more! It’s also very attractive to pollinators like bumblebees and a host plant for the beautiful hummingbird moth.

Add to that an easy going nature as far as soil, sun, and moisture requirements and it’s hard to think of a better plant portfolio. 

dwarf bush honeysuckle
Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle kissed with bronze

Dwarf bush honeysuckle is a small to medium shrub, attaining about 3 feet of height and width within just a few seasons. The native form likes to spread, so it’s a great option for erosion control and hillsides. 

We have several cultivars of dwarf bush honeysuckle available as well, each selected for their more intense color. One of our favorites is Kodiak Orange. This handsome shrub has bronze tinged foliage all summer and some of the best fall color around:

Kodiak Orange Honeysuckle in fall

For those in search of darker foliage, Kodiak Black boasts a deep purple to black leaf that turns a vivid red in fall:

Kodiak Black Diervilla
Kodiak Black Honeysuckle. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Nightglow is another fantastic dwarf bush honeysuckle variety with near black foliage that is particularly intense in sunnier spots. The blazing red fall foliage is super showy too.

The honeysuckle at the nursery is coloring up beautifully right now with the fall weather. Stop on by and have a look!