Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce Trees

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

Are you hoping to find a really distinctive and extremely tough small ornamental tree?   Would you love to have an ornamental tree with excellent color that can easily withstand the extremes of a Minnesota winter, and has wonderful texture?  How about a small ornamental tree that requires almost no pruning, and that doesn’t shed fruit?

A Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce tree might be a good choice, since it can also stand up to heavy winds, and tolerates poor soils as long as the soil drains properly.

For best results, plant a Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce tree in a  location with at least a half day of sun or more and the direct sun will make this variety positively glow with its iridescent blue foliage. Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce trees are very resistant to winterburn from winter sunlight bouncing off snow banks, and their modest size makes them useful as a focal point in a creative landscape bed.

Avoid planting in a location with chronically soggy soil to preserve the health of the root system.  In a ten-year time span, Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce trees will mature to a head size of 4 to 5 feet high and wide.  We have two different Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce planted here at the garden center in display beds which will enable you to picture one in your yard!

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce
Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

They are available for sale in several different size containers and price points.