Dwarf Korean Lilac Shrub – and Tree Form

Dwarf Korean Lilac
Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

The Dwarf Korean Lilacs are lovely right now.  The pale lilac blooms have a sweet fragrance.  They attract butterflies and also make great cut flower arrangements for inside.  After it blooms in late spring/early summer, you are left with dark green mounded foliage to enjoy for the rest of the growing season.  This is truly a wonderful hardy shrub (zone 3-7) to add to your landscape desires.   The Dwarf Korean Lilac was awarded the 2000 Gold Medal Plant Award.   Thanks to Bernie Emery for her contributions to this blog!


The Dwarf Korean Lilac also comes in tree form.  This is an exceptionally beautiful tree for small spaces.  Reaching a mature size of only 6′-8′ tall and only 5′-7′ wide – it can added to a perennial garden, as an accent by the front door or next to a patio or anywhere that something small would work!   We have the Dwarf Korean Lilac tree in several sizes and price ranges.  The trees in the photo are the larger, balled and burlapped size  – and are amazing now when they are blossoming right now.  And – you get all the same qualities as you do with the shrub form!  IMG_2378