Dwarf Korean Lilac Trees and Shrubs

Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree

Dwarf Korean Lilacs are well known for their beautiful spring flowers and lovely fragrance. Their ornamental, compact size and dense rounded habit make them a versatile accent in the flower garden, landscape border, or patio bed.  Even at a young age, Dwarf Korean Lilacs maintain a nicely shaped crown with dense branching.  What could make these popular plants even more exciting?  Well, the ability to re-bloom from mid-summer to frost of course!  Which is just what Bloomerang® Lilacs do.

Dwarf Korean Lilac in full bloom.

Shrub or tree form, lilacs thrive in well-drained soil and full sun. Deadhead or prune them for shape immediately after blooming to prevent damage of the next set of blossoms.  As shrubs these plants generally mature between 4 and 6′ tall and wide.  Tree form will reach heights of 10-12′ Tall and 4-6′ Wide.