Dwarf Koren Lilac – Tree Form

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the questions that we get the most is from folks wanting a small tree next to their house.  Can’t be too big – our space is small – and I’d love it to be a flowering tree.

We have a Dwarf Korean Lilac tree planted in the front garden of our home and it is an absolutely fabulous tree.  It is so full of blossoms, and in another week – it will be in full bloom.  (and the fragrance will be there too!)  I’ll post a picture next week in ‘My Woodland Garden’ blogpost.

We have several different sizes of Dwarf Korean Lilac trees available.  Super hardy – and from experience – can do well in part sun/part shade.  It loves full sun.  Grows to a mature height of about 6-8′ tall and about 6′ wide.  Stop in and check these trees out!