Economical Privacy Screening

Fat Albert Blue SpruceEstablishing a planting of evergreen trees to provide year around privacy screening that also serves as a good windbreak is quite often a high priority for homeowners.  Some of the most successful and economical plantings of spruce, pine or arborvitae we have seen are smaller to medium sized evergreens of 2 to 6 feet in height that have been properly established in handy plastic nursery pots.

These containerized spruce, pine and arborvitae suffer little transplant shock at planting time and tend to grow vigorously from day one.  It’s a real joy to watch your new grove of evergreens grow nicely even in their first season.  Choosing containerized (potted) evergreen trees for your screening project enables you to purchase reasonably priced trees that are also quite light and easy to plant.  Prices range from as little as $15 per tree to $40 or $50, up to $150 to about $200 for the largest potted evergreen.

Stop in and check out the dozens of sizes and varieties of container spruce, pine and arborvitae that are in stock and ready to plant.  It’s a great time to plant trees and many are on our September Sale at discounts of 20% off to as much as 50% off!  We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.