June Garden Tasks

The hustle and bustle of spring has passed and our gardens are happily growing away. June is a great month to enjoy time outside in the fresh air and do a bit of garden maintenance. Here’s our quick list of June garden tasks.

June Garden List

Weed the garden. Weed again. Keep weeding! Top up mulch on established beds and spread it on new planting areas.

Pinch back sedum, asters, mums, agastache, heliopsis, phlox, and anything that tends to get floppy. This will encourage a compact plant and a floriferous display. While you’re at it, deadhead perennials like salvia, lupine, and delphinium as they finish blooming if you’d like to try for a rebloom. As bulb foliage turns brown, cut it back.

Give sedum a trim by the 4th of July for the best display later in the season.

Prune spring flowering shrubs if they need it. Cutting early bloomers like lilacs and weigela too late risks removing next year’s flowers, so don’t delay. Prune Group 2 clematis (those that rebloom) as needed when they are done flowering.

Stake tomatoes, tomatillos, and tall perennials like delphinium, holly hocks, and heliopsis. Amend landscape plantings with slow release fertilizer and/or compost if you haven’t already. 

These gorgeous Delphinium flowers need support.

Keep an eye out for potato beetles, cabbage moths, and other pests before they do too much destruction. Caterpillars on parsley, dill, fennel, and carrots could be swallowtail butterfly babies, so take a few minutes to identify caterpillars you find before killing them. Keep an eye on new plantings and seeds as they emerge. Keep up on watering.

When you’re done with garden chores, treat yourself to young peas, radishes, and fresh greens while they are sweet and tender. 


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