Spruce Trees, Maple Trees and More!

Every spring we put our carry-over balled and burlapped (B&B) trees on sale at 50% off.  What this means is that the trees that we dug from the field last spring and that didn’t find a home, are on sale at an incredible savings!  We have evergreen trees, ornamental trees and shade trees in this group, some with limited numbers.  These trees are healthy and will grow just as vigorously as fresh dug trees.  They may even establish a little quicker since they aren’t going through the shock of spring digging.  The B&B trees are larger trees, the evergreens are anywhere from 5′ to 10′ tall, and the shade trees are approximately 2″ – 4″ in trunk diameter. 

Today with the warmer weather, the sun out, and the snow melting, customers are calling and showing interest.  20 trees just sold to a customer near Goodhue this morning, so if you want to take advantage of these great spring prices, please contact us soon!  Don’t miss out.   You can pick out and buy your trees now and we’ll tag them.  You can then pick them up as soon as things thaw or by April 15th!