Fabulous Weather – Finally Finds Fall Fanciers

The weather forecast for the coming week looks wonderful for being outside doing almost anything – including time in the garden.  If heat and humdity kept you from completing projects out in your landscape this summer, the cool mornings and mild afternoons predicted for this week present a nice opportunity to be creative with your outdoor spaces.

Early Fall is a beautiful time in a well planned garden.  Annual flowers are still producing oceans of blossoms, hydrangeas and black eyed susans are lighting up the landscape, and mums are just starting to put on their fall showcase.  This morning, I enjoyed the striking white tall flower scapes of our massed Royal Standard Hostas showing their best against the shiny dark green leaves.

Fall is also a good time to save money on plant materials, and get plants settled in so they will be ready for vigorous growth next season. Plenty of bargains are available this time of year, and new varieties that growers started producing last spring are sometimes making their first appearance in the sales areas of retailers only now, so opportunities for “treasure hunting” are many.

Enjoy some pleasant hours in your Fall gardens.