Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

Sugar Maples have earned the admiration of millions upon millions of people throughout North America for their breathtaking fall color, the strength and usefulness of their wood, wonderful cooling shade, and for providing the sap that makes maple syrup production possible.  Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple is a selection  by Minnesota’s own Bailey Nurseries that has rapidly become the standard of quality.

Within a week, the sap will begin to flow at long last, a sure sign of spring.  If you plant a Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple this year, perhaps your children or grandchildren will be able to make maple syrup from it some day. In the meantime, you will have a Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple that is a great tree.

For best results, plant your Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple in medium textured soil that drains properly, but not excessively.  Avoid compacted soils, and chronically waterlogged areas.  Fall Fiesta will grow into a nice sized tree at a moderate pace when just enough, but not too much fertility and water are available.

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple will become a full size shade tree of 50′ to 70

‘ tall by 50’ wide, so plan accordingly when choosing the planting location.  You may have to wait to get maple syrup from your new Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple, but you won’t have to wait long for great fall color. In just a season or two, you should see a beautiful combination of yellow, orange and red color when summer gives way to the fall color change in October.