Fall is for Planting

October and November provide excellent opportunities for successful  and cost effective tree and shrub planting.  Fall sales mean most plant materials are available at nice discounts.

Trees and shrubs are entering their winter dormancy, and once planted with care will e ready and waiting to produce a strong growth flush as soon as spring arrives.  Late fall watering needs will be reduced and our detailed planting guide details the simple steps to a successful project.  Additional information can be found on our Fall Planting Guidelines handout as well.

Cool temperatures make for pleasant working conditions.  Right up until the ground freezes more than one inch deep, late fall planting can be done easily, and the trees and shrubs will not miss one single day of next year’s growing season.

We highly recommend installing white plastic trunk protectors on all young trees to prevent damage from mice, rabbits, deer and winter sun over the long winter.  They are available for just a few dollars and can be re-used for several seasons.