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Fat Albert Blue Spruce

Outstanding blue needle color and handsome, uniform and dense shape help make Fat Albert Blue Spruce the standard by which other varieties of Colorado Spruce are measured.  Consistently delivering the iridescent shinier blue color that is prized by many people, Fat Albert Blue Spruce is sure to please.

Fat Albert Blue Spruce
Fat Albert Blue Spruce

 To help assure that the Fat Albert Blue Spruce you plant stays happy and handsome it is wise to follow a few guidelines.  As with almost all spruce varieties, Fat Albert Blue Spruce will definitely grow best in well drained soil.  Time and time again, I have seen spruce trees struggle when planted in areas where the soil is wet, soggy and poorly drained.  This does not mean you have to plant in sandy, gravely soil.  Fat Albert Blue Spruce will grow just fine in silt loam and clay soils as long as the soil does not stay soggy for extended periods.

Be sure to plant Fat Albert Blue Spruce in an area with lots of sunshine and air movement.  A breezy spot with full sun will reduce the opportunities for fungus diseases of the lovely blue needles to become established.  An added measure of protection against fungus disease is available by spraying your Fat Albert Blue Spruce with a fungicide once a year when the new needles are soft and tender in early June.

I favor the use of a 3 in 1 formulation that also controls spider mites and spruce sawfly.  It’s simple and easy to use.  Just attach the bottle onto the end of your hose and spray up to thirty feet high.  It only takes a few seconds to moisten the tender new needles with a protective coating.  Repeat in June a year later.  Other spruce varieties such as Black Hills Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Spruce and Meyer Spruce will benefit just as much from this protective treatment as Fat Albert Blue Spruce.  Pick a sunny dry day to apply so the coating dries onto the new needles.

One curious thing about Fat Albert Blue Spruce is the confusion in the nursery industry about the mature size of this stunningly beautiful landscape tree.  Some list the mature size of Fat Albert Blue Spruce as 15 feet tall by 8-11 feet wide.  Other wholesalers place a 40-60 feet tall by 30-40 feet wide rating on Fat Albert.  Having observed the Fat Albert in fields and landscapes for quite a few years, I suspect the mature size to be fairly large, in the 40’ tall by 30’ wide size range, so plan your spacing accordingly.