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Fat Albert Blue Spruce

              Widely recognized for it’s outstanding blue foliage, ‘Fat Albert’ Colorado Blue Spruce is a real eye catcher in the landscape.  Dense branching and a pleasingly plump pyramidal shape make ‘Fat Albert’ Blue Spruce even more desirable.

‘Fat Albert’ Blue Spruce grows to a mature size of about 40′ tall by 15′ feet wide, slightly smaller than a standard Colorado Blue Spruce, and also prefers properly drained soil, and lots of sunshine and air movement.  ‘Fat Albert’ can tolerate clay soils, as long as drainage is good, and is drought tolerant.  Avoid shady areas with restricted air movement.

If you’ve always wanted a blue spruce that is really, really blue, ‘Fat Albert’ Blue Spruce is sure to please.   ‘Fat Albert’ Blue Spruce is available in a variety of container sizes, as well as larger balled and burlapped sizes.   Containers are easy to handle and plant while balled and burlapped trees are heavier and harder to handle, but the tree makes a more immediate impact – with sizes of 6′-8′ tall to start!