Firebird Dwarf Flowering Crab

Firebird CrabAre you tired of flowering crab trees that get blemishes on their leaves by mid-summer and look poorly as they shed most of their leaves one to two months before the end of the growing season?   Firebird Dwarf White Crab will keep ultra clean green leaves throughout the growing season, looking great right up until mid to late autumn when normal leaf drop occurs.

Are you tired of flowering crabs that get way too big for the smaller areas of your landscape when you’d still like to have an ornamental tree?  Firebird Dwarf White Crab may be just the right size for you as it matures to a height of only 10 to 12 feet tall.

Late fall leaves of Firebird Crab
Late fall leaves of Firebird Crab

Tired of flowering crabs that have unruly sprawling branches?  Firebird Dwarf White Crab has a very tidy round shaped head that requires only minimal pruning.

Tired of flowering crabs that lay down a carpet of squishy soft fruit that is a big mess most of the fall?  Firebird Dwarf White Crab produces a mass of white blossoms in early spring that develops into a small hard bright red fruit that hangs tightly on the tree all winter long, dropping only in early spring when they are dry and do not make a big mess.  Once the leaves of Firebird Dwarf White Crab flutter to the ground in late October, the lovely red fruit are revealed and they provide a very nice spot of vivid color in the landscape all winter long.

Tired of the ornamental trees that quickly grow up into power lines and good get butchered by the crews pruning  trees along the right of way?  Try a Firebird Dwarf White Crab.  As a true dwarf flowering crab, Firebird is highly unlikely to get butchered by the power line crews and will remain a handsome part of public and private landscapes.

Firebird Dwarf white Crab is truly a tree for all seasons.  Perhaps you will want to include one in the seasons of your life and landscape!