Firebird Flowering Crabapple

Firebird’ dwarf white flowering crab is a winner in every way.  Extremely disease resistant, ‘Firebird’ dwarf crab keeps nice, clean foliage throughout summer and fall.  This is a great improvement over some of the old fashioned flowering crabs.

            ‘Firebird’ crab requires little pruning to maintain a compact rounded shape, and is covered by a mass of beautiful white blossoms every spring.  ‘Firebird’ is a true dwarf that is grafted on a 42” or 48” standard, and has a mature rated size of ten feet tall by eight feet wide.

Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries
Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries


            Birds love to nest in the protective and dense branch structure of ‘Firebird’ crab and in early autumn this handsome dwarf produces a huge and showy display of small red fruit that hangs tightly on the tree throughout winter.  The fruit is a colorful treat for the eye all fall and winter, giving ‘Firebird’ crab year round appeal.

            The small and tidy growth habit of ‘Firebird’ crab makes it an excellent choice for intimate garden spaces, and it is very useful under power lines since it stays small enough to avoid being butchered by the power line maintenance crews and requires minimal pruning.

            If you are looking for a first rate dwarf flowering tree, I’d suggest you consider ‘Firebird’ crab.  You won’t be disappointed.  ‘Firebird’ crab is truly a tree for all seasons.