First Editions® Shining Sensations Weigela

Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries
Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries

If you love landscape plants with beautiful purple leaves, you will probably find First Editions® Shining Sensations Weigela very much to your liking.  I can’t remember seeing a shrub with such a beautiful and vibrant shining purple leaf as Shining Sensations Weigela.

An Additional delight is the nice pink funnel shaped flowers that cover the plant in May andJune, and bloom on and off the rest of the season if you prune lightly.  This shrub is hardy to Zone 4.

Hummingbirds love to visit the flowers of Shining Sensation Weigela for their nectar, which can be very entertaining.  Growing to a height of 5′-6′, Shining Sensation Weigela can be managed well as a large colorful shrub, or cut back almost to the ground level each spring if you prefer to have it as a shrub of only 2′-2 1/2′ tall.  In either case, the fabulous purple foliage of Shining Sensations Weigela is sure to please for years to come.


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  1. Hey guys, what zone is this? Will it work for me up here? I have a really good spot for it if so…

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