Flowering crabapple trees

Prairiefire Flowering Crab – Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries

Flowering trees are everywhere right now. The flowers of the crabapple trees start appearing in April and May. The colors range from white, light pink, medium pink and deep pink that it appears to be almost red. The blossoms can last a couple of weeks, depending on the variety of tree and the weather conditions. Most crabapples available now on the retail market are ones with persistant fruit which means that the fruit will hang on into the winter. The colorful fruit can add winter interest to your landscape and the birds can feast through the fall and winter.

You can find flowering crabapple trees in many sizes. There are dwarf varieties such as Firebird and Tina that will reach a mature height of 8′-10′, medium heights of 12′-15′ and some larger trees that will max out at about 22′-25′. The flowering crabapple makes a great choice for planting under power lines. A few varieties such as Louisa and Candymint are weeping varieties. What a great way to add a different twist to your landscape! The Prairiefire and Royal Raindrops Flowering Crabapple have a reddish cast to their leaves which also adds another element of interest.

Sugar Tyme Flowering Crab

Like most trees, crabapples should be pruned in the early years. You should check the disease resistance for the variety that you select. Check out the many varieties that we carry on our plant page.