Flowering Crabapple Trees

Marilee Flowering Crab

    The many different varieties of Flowering Crabapple trees here at the nursery makes for an incredible color explosion.  It’s hard to pick a favorite.  You walk by one, and say that’s so beautiful – that’s my favorite.  Then you go to the next aisle – and say the same thing! We carry approximately 20 different varieties of crabapple trees ranging from small dwarf varieties to larger ornamental trees.  They range from snow white flowers to a deep rose/pink/magenta color scheme. The top 3 photos on the right are of the Candymint Flowering Crab.  A smaller sized tree – reaches a height of 10′ and spans up to 15′ across.  The new foliage is tinged in purple and turns a bronze-green in summer.  This tree shows excellent disease resistance.  The beautiful red buds emerge to show-stopping shades of pink.  The fruit is a bright red. The bottom 2 photos show  off the Royal Raindrops Flowering Crab.   This tree is one of the larger flowering crabs, growing to 20′ tall and spreading up to 15′ wide.  The purple foliage adds a contrast to all of the “green” in the summer landscape.   The bright red persistant fruit is small – only 1/4″ in size.  The Royal Raindrops also provides for excellent disease resistance. The white flowers belong to the Marilee Flowering Crab.  This is one of the taller crab trees we carry – but it is also narrow.  It’s tops out at 24′ in height and only 10′ wide.  A great tree for a smaller yard.  The one attribute that some folks find attractive about Marilee, is that it is fruitless.  You have the beautiful white flowers which will produce no fruit and shows good disease resistance. Crabapples are always a good choice.  They’re versatile – they love well drained soil but can also grow in soils that are a little more damp  (but no water logged soil).  Choose a spot that gets lots of sun.  Crabapple trees that receive shade will only have limited blossom production.     Think about the mature size tree that you want – and the color of the blossoms and we can certainly help you find that perfect crabapple tree!