Flowering Crabs are now Peaking

Royal Raindrops Flowering CrabThe blossoms of flowering crabs are now at their best.  Few ornamental landscape trees can equal the massive flower display of flowering crabs.  Colors are various shades of pink and white.

Some of the best varieties for use in southern Minnesota are Tina, Firebird, Coralburst, Adirondack, Red Jewel, Sugar Tyme, Spring Sow, Prairiefire and Royal Raindrops.

Red Splentdor and Golden Raindrops are notable because their fruit is a favorite food for many species of song birds.

Crabapples have diverse growth habits or tree shapes. From weeping), rounded, spreading , upright  vase-shaped, and pyramidal.  They vary greatly in size. At maturity certain varieties will only attain a height of eight feet, while others will reach of 15 to 20 feet.

The crabapples that we sell here at Knecht’s have persistent fruit – meaning that the fruit will hang onto the tree well into winter – and early spring on some varieties.  They do not produce the large fruit that falls in autumn and makes a mess under the tree.  This will add a dimension to your landscape in the winter with the various colors of red and maroon of the berries hanging onto the branches.

Versatility describes the flowering crabapples.  Like most plants the crabapple prefers the rich loam soil however it can prosper in heavier soils that are well drained.

If you are thinking of a flowering crab – now is the time to stop in at the nursery here and check them out.  There’s not a better time than when they are in full blossom to see just the crab that will make your landscape a brighter space!