Forsythia and Magnolia

Forsythia - Shrub form
Forsythia – Shrub form
Forsythia - Tree form
Forsythia – Tree form

What’s doing the blooming this week?   The Forsythia – both the shrubs and tree form are absolutely beautiful with their buttery yellow flowers brightening up the landscape!  The Magnolia trees!   Awesome.   Almost every street that I went down yesterday here in Northfield had either a Forsythia blooming or the white Magnolia flowers seeming to shine brilliantly.  After such a long, long winter – or such a late spring – seeing these plants blossoming is such a welcoming site.

In the picture of the Forsythia shrub – you will notice that the surrounding plants are just starting to push their buds / leaves.  This is what makes the Forsythia such a great plant.  It’s early to blossom so you can extend spring color by planting Forsythia in your landscape.  Once the flowers fall away – the bright green leaves provide a backdrop to the next layer of either late spring color or early summer color.   The Magnolia picture here is pruned to this shape – and needless to say – it is eye-catching.

We have Forsythia in stock and shrub form Magnolias.   The tree form Magnolias start to arrive this week!   Stop in and get a dose of Spring!