Forsythia Tree and Golden Glory Dogwood


Northern Sun Forsythia Tree

The bright yellow forsythia flowers fill out the branches of this small ornamental tree.  Exploding with color before the leaves emerge, this plant definitely says “Spring is Here”.   Forsythias are one of the springs earliest bloomers and will add a few more weeks onto the gardening color season.

Zone 4 hardy, it will grow to a height of 8′-12′ and has a width of 7′-9′.  A great plant to anchor a perennial bed, or to use in a bed closer to the house.   Providing spring color, it will sport lush green leaves during the growing season and will complement the shrubs or perennials growing nearby. 


Golden Glory Dogwood

The abundance of small yellow flowers on the Golden Glory Dogwood in early spring is another statement of spring color in the landscape.p1010038  The Golden Glory Dogwood is a small upright and free flowering tree reaching a mature height of 20′-25′ and only 15′ wide.  Following the flowers are bright red cherry-like fruit surrounded by glossy deep green leaves.  A favorite of the birds and butterflies as well!

Both of these trees are available now at the nursery.  They are in #10 containers, are simple to transport to your home and easy to plant.