Forsythias in Bloom

Forsythia - Tree form
Forsythia – Tree form

Both shrub form and tree form Forsythias are now in full bloom here at our retail garden center and are announcing the return of spring!   Stop in today for a long overdue shot of gorgeous sunny yellow spring color!

We stock Northern Gold, Northern Sun and Meadowlark Forsythias, all of which have excellent flower bud hardiness and bloom reliably even after a tough southern Minnesota winter. The shrub form Forsythias grow from 6′-8′ in height to 8′-10′ depending on the variety.  Widths range from 6′ wide to 10′ wide.    They make great border plants – a natural fence or in the back of a perennial bed.  Their early spring bloom will stand out and once the flowers fade and the beautiful green leaves emerge – it will provide a great background for summer and fall blossoming perennials!


The Forsythia tree is a small ornamental tree that will bloom before the leaves emerge as well and will reach a height of only 8′-12′.