Fun Ways to Use Annuals

Annual season is finally here in Minnesota and we’re so excited for overflowing containers, colorful flower beds, and luscious hanging baskets! If you’re itching to get creative, annuals are a great way to experiment with new color and texture combinations. We carry a huge selection of Minnesota grown annuals to play with!

Here’s How We Like to Use Annuals

Rethink the vessel Why stop at plastic hanging baskets and pots? Try a colorful ceramic container in a unique shape or design and mix and match colors to make a statement. Ready to go beyond the pot? Almost anything concave will do as a planter as long as there’s drainage. 

annuals mailbox planter
Annuals are so much better than junk mail!

Stumps, grills, wheelbarrows, and even old furniture can make a fun container to fill with stunning annuals. Let your imagination go crazy!

Grill planter
Grilled flowers, anyone?

Fill in garden beds Recently planted shrubs and perennials can take a few years to mature and fill out. Why not stuff beds full of annuals while you wait? If you appreciate a lush look, annuals are a great way to achieve it without crowding the permanent plants in your beds. The all season blooming power of annuals is a nice bonus as your shrubs and perennials come in and out of bloom. Plus, you can try a whole new look every year!

Shrubs and annuals
Annuals make great filler around these Hydrangeas.

Flowers in the veggie garden Flowers and herbs planted among vegetables is just plain beautiful, and the combination of flower and veg elevates what is often a utilitarian space to an aesthetically powerful one. Not only do flowers beautify a garden, but they attract the pollinators that your veggies need to produce a good crop and might help deter pests as well. For more on companion planting, check out the Farmer’s Almanac for some tips.

companion planting
Zinnias planted with tomatoes attract beautiful visitors and deter deer in our staff garden.

Ready to get planting? Come on down and check out our awesome selection of Minnesota grown flowers, herbs, and veggies! 

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