Garden Phlox

Pink garden phlox, perfectly spaced, in a mixed perennial bed.

In early spring, creeping phlox brightens our landscape beds and borders with carpets of bright pink, purple, blue and white. In late spring, as its vibrancy begins to fade, woodland phlox begins popping up along woodland edges and roadsides. Now, as we continue to grow into summer, we are treated to yet another floral and fragrant beauty from the phlox family…garden phlox! Garden phlox bloom in a range of colors that encompasses everything from white and soft pink to lavender, deep purple, coral, hot pink and red. These hardy perennials form sturdy, upright clumps. Dwarf and compact varieties will reach heights of 15-18”, while larger varieties can reach nearly 3′. Garden phlox require full sun and average, well drained garden soil. Powdery mildew can become an issue in areas with poor air circulation, or where the plant’s foliage is kept too wet. Help keep your garden phlox looking its best by avoiding over-planting. Good air circulation can make all the difference!