red fall foliage on blueberry

Get Ready for Fall Color!

Maples and Oaks are known for their superb fall foliage, but sometimes you need a pop of color with a smaller footprint. Good news! There are several handsome shrubs that will stun all season and then light up your fall landscape.

Here are some of our favorite shrubs for fall color:  

Chokeberry – Chokeberries (Aronia sp.) are an incredibly versatile and valuable landscape shrub. Tolerant of many conditions including part-shade, they come in several varieties and varying sizes from narrow and upright to low and rambling. Charming flowers in early summer are followed by shiny, edible berries that are often touted for their high antioxidant value. When fall comes around, chokeberries display excellent, rich fall color. What’s not to love?

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea – Hydrangeas need no introduction, but it’s not often that they are celebrated for their fall color. The compact Little Quick Fire Hydrangea is a massive exception to this rule. A riot of orange, red, and purplish fall leaves make this a great shower in the fall landscape. Not to mention, the multitude of red panicle blooms in summer make Little Quick Fire an excellent performer all season!

Blueberries – Delicious, healthy fruit is only one of the fantastic things about blueberries. Pollinators feast upon their white flowers in spring; they’re not difficult to grow as long as soil pH is right and hydration is consistent; and when the harvest has passed and temperatures start to cool, blueberries become a feast of fiery fall color. Edible and ornamental!