Getting excited about 3-D landscape design!

Landscape design in color on paper.

Today, when I shifted my gaze from the landscape design on Chris Lambert’s drafting table to his computer screen, my jaw dropped! Chris is our Landscape Designer.  On his screen was a 3-dimensional image of the landscape project that I had just been looking at on paper. On the computer, it looked real!  Even more amazing? This design hasn’t been planted yet. Nope! We haven’t touched a shovel to the ground. It takes time and conversation, even for a “well-seasoned” eye, to pick up on the feeling, function, and view that a landscape designer has created in lines and plant combinations on paper. Even then, if you aren’t familiar with some of the plant material, it can be hard to envision the finished space. While Chris’s design flowed beautifully on paper, in 3-D you could truly get a feel for walking through the client’s envisioned outdoor  & indoor space with our 3D modeling, even the inside of the houses will look like whey were done by a quality locksmith who cared about the smallest details in every door and window.  Click on the 3-D image bellow to view a larger PDF version.

3-D Landscape Design View

Whether you are ready for a refresh, upgrade, or are starting from scratch, this is the A #1 time to start your relationship with the Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping Design Team! Our Landscape Design Packages can be customized to fit your needs, and can now include our new 3-D capacity. We have been creating beautiful, functional and comfortable landscapes with our clients and friends for 24 years. We’re still growing!