Gold Heart Bleeding Heart and Sweet Woodruff

Gold Heart Bleeding Heart

Each spring I walk around my hosta garden and admire each plant – at least a thousand times – and say to each one – you’re my favorite.  Yes – it is  allowed to talk to yourself in the garden – because you are actually talking to the plants!  However – when I  get to my Sweet Woodruff and Gold Heart Bleeding Heart in early spring – it’s hard to not really make this your favorite.

What have I  observed?  The Gold Heart Bleeding Heart seems to go longer into the summer before going dormant.  Even after the flowers have long since gone away – the foliage still stays nice and golden much longer into the summer.  The Sweet Woodruff (Gallium) is a groundcover, and they will keep spreading out.  I know this, and in the spring – I  need  to pull them away from where I don’t  want them to spread.  The emerald green of their leaves with their dainty white  flowers makes the extra  effort so worth it!
We have both of these perennials available at the nursery.  Our hosta selection is awesome as well as they make great companion plants.