Golden Carousel Barberry

p10100481A shrub for part-shade that virtually glows is the Golden Carousel Barberry.  We have several in an arc under our Autumn Spire Maple, with Blue Chip Junipers in front of those.  In the very background of this photo, between the barberry, you will see one of our large blue hosta.  The hosta gets mostly shade in this location and pulls out the same color blue as the blue chips which capture most of the sunlight in this garden. 

The Golden Carousel Barberry needs at least half-day shade.  It is a hybrid of the Korean and Japanese Golden Barberry.  It’s upright growth habit with bright golden-yellow foliage brightens any corner of your garden.  It will reach a mature height of 4′ with a width of 3′.  Just let it grow natural like we do – or you can keep them pruned into a rounded shape as well.  As with any barberry, it does have the thorns.