Golden Trollius

p5194315Among the many shade perennials that return each spring in the garden right outside our living room window,  one of my favorites is only half my idea.  Living in the woods means that we have to forego most of the sunny area perennials and pick from the varieties that do well in shadier conditions. The Golden Trollius is a perfect complement to the shade garden, with the bright yellow globe shaped flowers on stalks above the foliage.  The first couple of years, the trollius would bloom in the spring – just like it should – and two years ago, it welcomed wild violets at the base.  Last year, and now this year, the violets have expanded somewhat and now – it is awesome!!  Mother Nature did her magic and the result is a beautiful addition to our perennial bed. 

Companion plants to use  (if Mother Nature doesn’t help you out) would be ferns, hosta, ligularias, baptisia, astilbe and cimicifuga.