Goldsturm Rudbeckia

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoldsturm Rudbeckia has to be the greatest perennial there is.

Among the best border perennials available,, it is a selection of one of our native North American wildflowers. Goldsturm Rudbeckia will form an upright clump with a dazzling display of brown-eyed, golden flowers from midsummer through the fall.  Seedheads have good winter interest and you will notice the winter resident birds feasting on these seedheads.

They will self-seed and naturalize forming a dense and colorful mass planting.  We have two plantings at home – one getting about 5 hours of sun a day and one only about 3 hours of sun a day and the impact right now is totally amazing.  We look out our window and it lights up our shade garden.  Yes – our shade garden.   Another attribute of this perennial is the bloom time – we will have flowers from now until frost.    With deadheading – the blooms stay much fuller.

Plants may be easily divided in early spring.  Goldsturm Rudbeckia was named Perennial Plant of the Year in 1999.

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  1. Goldstrum Rudbeckia is a cultivar of the native black eyed susan We have found that it forms a much larger clump than the native and it is also more of a bright gold/yellow in color. THe native is more of a medium colored yellow/gold.

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