Got Spring Fever?

If you have a case of spring fever and are having your thoughts turn to spending some quality time working on your landscape, consider starting with pruning of trees and shrubs.  The next three to four weeks are one of the best times of the year to prune.

During late March and early April the disease organisms that cause cankers, mildew, mold and vascular diseases are not yet active.  Pruning cuts can be made with little fear of contamination by disease organisms.

Some diseases are spread from infected plants to cu

This is a correct pruning cut.
This is a correct pruning cut.

ts on healthy plants by insects.  Since insects are not yet active, there is also very little change of infection by tree and shrubs disease where insects are the vector of transmission.

Pick a nice day with low winds, and get outside to prune trees and shrubs.  Could be a cure for spring fever!