Guardian Angel Hosta

Every year we look out at our hosta garden and comment that it’s hard to have a favorite when so many are so beautiful.  Every year I come back to the same conclusion that Guardian Angel is my favorite. 

The picture here is of the Guardian Angel in our display bed here at the nursery and my two at home are equally as beautiful.  A sport of Blue
Angel, this wonderful plant has a misted white and green leaf center surrounded by a blue-green margin which turns a little more green as the summer goes on.  It is definitely an eye-catching specimen.

Guardian Angel is a larger hosta and features a white flower by mid-summer.

2 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Hosta”

  1. Last Spring I purchased 2 “Diana Remembered” hostas from Knecht’s.
    Unfortunately, neither of them came up this Spring. Are they particularly tender or fragile? Do squirrels eat them? (I don’t have deer or rabbits, and all of my other hostas came up).
    Just wondering what I did wrong.

  2. This is not a fragile hosta. It’s actually a very good plant. Last winter with no snow cover was a hard winter on perennials. I lost a few hosta in my gardens but it was a toss up between the weather and voles/gophers.

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