Happy Thanksgiving from Knecht’s

As the holiday’s name states, it is time to give thanks. I have asked our team, what are you thankful for? The answers were plenty –

Family, food, great friends, terrific coworkers, a warm place to call home, a wonderful boyfriend, laughing with customers, the beauty of mother nature, a nice boss, wives, husbands, sunny winter days, good health, kids coming home for the holidays, and rest at the end of the growing season

How wonderful to have a list so long!

For the Knecht’s team, Thanksgiving is more than a holiday with friends, family, and fabulous food. Thanksgiving symbolizes the time where we can all take a rest. We wrap up our busy season when the temperatures drop, and the ground begins to freeze. The team works hard to tuck our trees, shrubs, and perennials in for their winter slumber. They drive home tired and sore and look forward to tucking themselves in for a good rest as well. For some of us our working hours are reduced; others enjoy a break until our season gears up in March. However, it doesn’t take long for all of us to be counting down the days until we get to crank up the heat in the greenhouse and start playing in the dirt once again.

We are all thankful for each and every one of our fantastic customers. We know that you are the driving force that makes our busy world go round. Our plants may be tucked away for the winter, but we are still here. Stop in for a gift card, garden art, or perhaps some gardening chit chat. Our winter hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 2 pm. We will be closed November 24-25, December 26-30, and January 11-12.

Happy Thanksgiving!