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Happy Thanksgiving

fall leaves

Abundant shade from 4 mature trees now equals a thick mat of color on the ground. Autumn, defined in the Oxford language dictionary is ‘the third season of a year when crops and fruit are gathered and leaves fall.’ Indeed, they do.

fallen leaves knechts northfield
Fallen leaves

A second spiritual definition of Autumn is ‘acts of relinquishment; a time for letting go and releasing of things that have been a burden.’ Lengthening shadows of trees stretch across the earth as the sun migrates on a narrowing crescent of light across the horizon. The fragrance of wood fires permeates the air with fireplaces and fire pits put in to use with the warming dance of flame.

The owner of Knecht’s who began the nursery in 1988 told me ‘All I knew is that I wanted to plant trees.’ Currently ten acres of trees, shrubs, flowers and garden needs have been passed to new ownership as of 2022. The dedicated crew is now wrapping up the 2023 season.

Amy and Jeff stacking shrubs to be covered for winter protection at Knechts
Amy and Jeff preparing a shrub pillow.

Remaining inventory is placed in coordinated family ‘piles’ called a pillow, covered in foam/plastic then sandbagged, readied for winters sleep. They will be awakened come spring of 2024 when the sun warms our earth for another growing year. From a song recently heard ‘For the planting, sowing, reaping silent growth while we are sleeping, future needs in earths safe keeping’ (For the Fruits of All Creation by Fred Pratt Green).

covered pillow of shrubs knechts northfield
A “pillow” of shrubs wrapped for winter protection.

I am grateful for my first full season at Knecht’s Nurseries with a guarantee of an infusion of daylight, working with an excellent staff and enjoying the common spirit of customers who cherish their gardens. Thank you to all our customers, vendors and dedicated staff. You are the best! The seasons change however, we all anticipate our return next year to embrace the fragrance of warming soil and budding green. Wishing you a Thanksgiving of grace, peace and joy.