Happy Valentine’s Day from the Como Park Rose!

Photo courtesy Bailey Nurseries

                 The Como Park Rose is a very hardy shrub rose that produces beautiful rich red roses that remind me of the classic red roses that are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift.  While Valentine’s Day cut roses usually last a week or so, the re-blooming characteristics of the Como Park Rose bring forth these lovely red roses quite consistently over a period of about twenty weeks each growing season here in southern Minnesota.  It’s definitely a rose that keeps on giving.

At Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping in our Garden Center, we sell about 250 or more varieties of shrubs, and when it comes to roses, we have decided to sell only hardy shrubs roses so our customers are very likely to have roses that are successful over a period of years, rather than a few months.  The Como Park Rose is part of the Easy Elegance series of shrubs roses developed by Bailey Nurseries from St. Paul.  Over 30+ years, Bailey’s has done an incredibly good job of hybridizing and testing thousands of hardy shrub roses, and selecting the very best to be part of their Easy Elegance rose series.  These roses thrive in Minnesota, are very disease resistant, flower heavily, and offer great beauty and many color selections.

While the snow is still deep, and we can’t sell you a Como Park Rose today, it will be time to begin planting in just 8-10 weeks.  This year consider adding some hardy shrub roses like the Como Park Rose to a sunny area of your landscape.  They are sure to please for years to come.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of here at Knecht’s Nurseries and the Como Park Rose!