Heidi’s Sneak Peak – Phlox

Since Valentine’s Day is coming I wanted to “Peek” about something that’s sweet!  So here’s a selection of delectable treats great for the garden, now isn’t that neat!

First Editions® Phlox paniculata…Bubblegum Pink™, Coral Crème Drop™, Cotton Candy™, and Grape Lollipop™!

Well, it may be too cold here in Minnesota to box these up and give them to your sweetheart February 14th, but in just a couple more months they’ll be ready to GrOw!  These First Editions® won’t actually curb any sweet tooth cravings, butterflies and hummingbirds on the other hand will never seem to tire of this favored food source.  It’s a dessert tray of, “The most mildew resistant phlox to date.”  and was introduced by Bailey Nurseries along with Plant Introductions Inc.  Four varieties of hardy upright garden phlox will treat you to months of delicious fragrance and a feast of color in the summer garden.

Bubblegum Pink really pops with clusters of perfectly pink flowers, each accentuated by a dark pink eye.

Coral Crème Drop will melt your heart batting the rosy eyes of its lovely coral blooms.

Grape Lollipop will stick out as a tasty grape-color with striking red eyes.

And you’ll be stuck on Cotton Candy’s soft lavender-pink flowers with cotton candy centers.

Well, how did I do?  Did Cupid’s Arrow strike?  Well, if so, then here are a few more specifics on each variety.  Including pictures for your nightstand and all the “language of love” and secret code words that go along with them.  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Phlox paniculata want full sun and good air circulation.  An exposed planting site like this will help prevent issues with disease.  The 4 varieties we have highlighted here are considered, “The most mildew resistant phlox to date.”  However, under confined, damp, excessively humid or shaded conditions powdery mildew could still take hold and become a problem.  This is not a plant you want the sprinkler overhead watering every night.  They can grow in a wide range of soils provided they are well drained.  Measurements:  18-22” Tall x 18-24” Wide.  Hardiness zones 4-8

First Editions® Bubblegum Pink™ Phlox; Phlox paniculata ‘Ditomfra’ PP21,171; First Editions® Coral Crème Drop™ Phlox; Phlox paniculata ‘Ditomdre’ PP20,907; First Editions® Cotton Candy™ Phlox; Phlox paniculata ‘Ditomfav’ PP21,369; First Editions® Grape Lollipop™ Phlox; Phlox paniculata ‘Ditomsur’ PP21,109

Photos courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

First Editions Cotton Candy Phlox
First Editions Bubblegum Pink Phlox
First Editions Coral Creme Drop Phlox
First Editions Coral Creme Drop Phlox
First Editions Grape Lollipop Phlox
First Editions Grape Lollipop Phlox