Helleborus, Lenten Rose

Lenton Rose

Say “I do” to the Helleborus Wedding PartyTM  Series!  It’s a new collection of Helleborus at Knecht’s, and we’re honored to share it with you.  The Helleborous Wedding PartyTM Series is an selection of double flowered Hellebores, developed by hybridizer Hans Hansen of Walter’s Gardens Inc.

Hellebours ‘Flower Girl’ Wedding Party Series
Photo courtesy of Walter’s Gardens Inc.

We have two from this handsome wedding party to offer this spring.  Helleborus ‘Flower Girl’ is a lovely pink blushing beauty.  She produces 3″, double pink flowers which are shown off nicely by the thick, deep evergreen foliage beneath.   Next down the aisle is ‘True Love’.  What would a wedding be without

Helleborus ‘True Love’ Wedding Party Series
Photo courtesy of Walter’s Gardens Inc.

it?  ‘Helleborus ‘True Love’ boasts double 3.5″, deep maroon-red flowers on sturdy stems.

These amazing perennials begin to bloom in late winter, announcing springs’ return.  Their bloom coinciding with the Christian season of Lent, which has given them their more popular, common name of Lenten Rose.
Helleborus thrive in moist, woodland settings where their roots can spreed out and establish extensively; making them a wonderful choice for naturalizing.  A mature clump will grow to be about two feet tall and wide.  Plant them in partial shade, average to fertile soil, and provide them with regular watering during dry spells.  These marvelous spring bloomers are deer and rabbit resistant, evergreen and zone 4 hardy.