Herbs, Tomatoes & Strawberries

Do you put a pot on the kitchen window sill with an herb or two in it or do you have a larger herb garden on the porch or deck?  This year we have expanded our offerings of herbs!

We have the standard selection – Large Leaf Basil, Parsley, Chives, Oregano, Dill, Marjoram,  Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Sage, Cilantro, Mexican Tarragon,  Lavender and Fennel.   Expanding on  the Basil varieties, we added Red Ruben, Marseille, Minette & Lemon Basil.  Garlic Chives, and  Savory. You are welcome to visit us and see the best deals of the day.

Catnip – a special treat for those four legged friends  and Lemon Grass will keep those mosquitoes away.

For your sweet tooth – we now have Stevia – nature’s sweetener- sweeter than sugar cane and after a busy summer day –  how about some Camomile Tea?  Try German Camomile.  Borage – another herb for teas is also available.

If there’s an herb that you would like to see – please let us know.  We are planning another expansion of herb varieties in 2015!

Strawberries..  a healthy garden fruit!  Fort Laramie, Honeoye, Ozark Beauty, Wendy, Sparkler and more.  A strawberry patch is a great way to have fresh fruit but also a way to get the little ones interested in gardening.  What a treasure hunt to take them strawberry picking!  Looking under each strawberry plant is exciting for children.  Who can pick the bigger berry – who has the one that is the most red?  Inexpensive to plant – priceless in memories!



Tomato – Tomatoe – Yes we have them – including many Heirloom varieties.

Canning, salsa, cherry tomatoes, slicers, whatever is your pleasure.

The heirloom varieties include Rugers, Mr. Stripey, Old German, Purple Cherokee and Red Brandywine.    We do have a limited amount of grafted heirloom available in one gallon containers.

Several varieties of cherry, grape, and pear shaped salad tomatoes await you as well.  Ground cherries – a super hard to find item is available in limited quantities – get yours this weekend!

We also have Big Beef, Early Girl, Viva Italia, Sugary,  Roma, Celebrity and there are probably a few more that I’m missing.   This past winter – the worst in recent memory – I ran out of my home canned tomatoes.  Note to self – process a few more quarts than last year!

When planting tomatoes – remember to strip the lower leaves off of the stems, and either plant them deeper – or lay them horizontal in the planting hole.  The result will be a much stronger, better rooted tomato plant.

Several years ago, a friend from California stopped in the nursery and his “secret” to large tomatoes was to bury a portion of a banana peel in the hole before planting.  It works.  I have gotten much bigger fruit when I do this.

Warm weather is here – time for gardening has begun.  Enjoy!

Watch for our recipe contest this summer…….