Heritage Oak and Ancestry Oak

Heritage Oak

This vigorous growing and handsome oak hybrid will produce a beautiful shade tree before you know it!  Heritage Oak (Quercus xmacdaniellii ‘Clemons’) combines the best attributes of it’s English Oak and Bur Oak parents.

From it’s Bur Oak genes, Heritage Oak gets toughness for the upper midwest and adaptability to a broad range of soil types.  From it’s English Oak parentage, Heritage Oak gets a relatively fast growth rate, broadly oval shape, and deep green, glossy, tatter resistant foliage that creates a beautiful appearance.

Heritage Oak grows to a large mature size of 60+ feet tall by 40+ feet wide, so allow plenty of space.  Plant in properly drained soils, fertilize moderately, and in just 5 to 10 years, Heritage Oak will become a lovely and much admired part of your landscape.

Ancestry Oak

The rapidly growing Ancestry Oak is a seed grown, rather than grafted tree that will produce a beautiful and versatile shade tree in a reasonable time frame.  The open pollinated acorns from which Ancestry Oaks are grown contain a complex mix of genetics of Bur Oak, English Oak and other varieties, and early observations of these trees reveal excellent hybrid vigor on a tree growing on it’s own roots.

Since Ancestry Oaks are grown from seeds, each is genetically distinct, exhibiting variations in shape, form and leaf characteristics, while maintaining fairly fast growth rates.  Ancestry Oaks will develop into very nice, specimen shade trees, and are available in smaller sizes that are also affordable and appropriate for creating mixed variety hardwood thickets, windbreaks, and habitate areas for privacy and wildlife habitat.

Expected mature size for Ancestry Oaks is 50 to 70 feet tall by 35 to 50 feet wide, and they are now available in easily transplantable #3 and #7 air root pruning pots here at the nursery.