Honoring Lloyd Harkness

A few days ago, our landscape installation crew planted a Crimson Spire Oak in the NE part of Way Park here in Northfield in honor of Lloyd Harkness.  For over 52 years, Lloyd has lived next door to Way Park and has been an incredibly good neighbor to everyone who has lived near Way Park, and has been a steward of the park the entire time.

From his kitchen window, Lloyd Harkness can look out at the tree, and watch over it and nurture its development just as he watched over countless numbers of children playing in the park, and helped make sure they were safe, and helped them when they needed an assist or guidance.

Lloyd does things for people out of the goodness of his heart whenever he sees the need.  There is no better example of how we can best live out the values of generosity, hardwork and love for others than the way Lloyd Harkness has lived his life and given to his community.

Deb and I are privileged to provide this Crimson Spire Oak to honor Lloyd.  We aspire to follow in your footsteps, Lloyd!