Hosta Irish Luck and Hosta Victory

Hosta Irish Luck

When we walk up to the front door – right along the sidewalk – Hosta Irish Luck greets us!  This is an exceptionally beautiful green hosta.  It can be classified as an extra large hosta with it’s shiny green leaves.  Yes, it has just green leaves.  It’s not a variegated, fancy hosta like some, but it’s attributes are such that the color is secondary.

It’s size makes it a specimen in the garden, and where this plant is located – it receives about 1/2 day sun and it tolerates it just fine!   Mid-summer it will send up its flower stalks and will sport beautiful white blossoms.  Unlike some larger hosta – this is a vigorous grower and makes up to a mature plant in just a few years!

The Hosta of the Year in 2015 was Hosta Victory.  A well deserved honor.  This is large hosta – but is much more vertical in structure.  The long stems grow straight and then the leaves lay out horizontally.  The variegated leaves are large and contrast well with green leaved or blue leaved hosta.

Hosta Victory
Hosta VIctory

The flower stalks on this hosta will be light lavender and appear in mid-summer.

I have two Hosta Victory in our hosta gardens and both are a standout!   The one pictured doesn’t have as many close hosta neighbors and the other is in with a mass of hosta and you can definitely pick it out!

Both Hosta Irish Luck and Hosta Victory can be specimen plants in your hosta garden.  Or try a mass planting.  A grouping of 3-5 of these hosta will make a wonderful backdrop to small or medium sized hosta.