Green Gold Hosta and Small & Miniature Garden

I am gradually getting my hosta gardens into shape – what with the late spring and such a busy time at the nursery.  I’m out in the garden at first light and can get a couple of hours of work done before heading into work.

IMG_2375Today – I was once again impressed with one of the old standards in the hosta world – Hosta Green Gold.  This plant looked wonderful today.  It has grown significantly in the last month, compared to some of the other plants who are still developing.  It is in the back of one of my hosta islands, making a great backdrop to the ones I have in the front.

A large plant – the deep green of the leaves are accented in the early season by cream edges which turn white as the season progresses.  The leaves have good substance which makes them resistant to slugs, and this variety can tolerate some sun!  Pale lavender flowers appear in mid to late summer!   When planning your hosta garden – think of the garden stalwart – Hosta Green Gold.


Small and Miniature Hosta
Small and Miniature Hosta

In a corner of one of my hosta gardens at home, I have several small and miniature hosta planted.  With an added elf or two – this is a pretty special little corner.  We have a large selection of small and miniature varieties of hosta.  While you can grow these in containers – a “small” garden is always fun!