Hosta Shadowland ‘Wheee!”

Hosta Wheee!

As a parent, you cannot declare a favorite child – you love them all the same.  However, with my hosta plants, I do play favorites.  Hosta Shadowland “Wheee!” is in that category.

Gracing our front entry along the sidewalk, we have a few select hosta scattered in among our Ely greenstone boulders and this plant has top billing!  A medium sized hosta with color variegation and ruffled leaves  captures your attention.    Even in the early spring when the pips are just emerging from the ground in their little ruffled form provides visual interest early on!

Hosta Wheee! – early spring

Reaching a height of 18″ and width of 24″, this hosta is slug resistant and will have light lavender flowers in mid-summer.  Combine it with other variegated hosta for  colorful combos.  We have a large dark green hosta next to Wheee! and it provides for a great contrast.  We have Taunton Yews close by and they all are shaded by our Oasis Birch clump.

Hosta are wonderful plants – easy to grow and since they are plants that you grow for their foliage – they are attractive all year long.  The bonus is when they flower in the summer.

Shadowland Hosta Wheee! has earned the designation as a Proven Winner.  Growers have trial tested this plant and it has passed all of the tests