Hosta Victory – Hosta of the Year – 2015

Photo courtesy Shady Oaks Nursery

The Hosta of the Year in 2015 is hosta Victory.  Each year, a hosta is picked by the American Hosta Society for it’s ability to do well in all areas of the country, be widely available and affordable.

Hosta Victory is a giant cultivar introduced by Q & Z Nursery and once its a mature hosta – makes a dramatic statement in the landscape .  A slightly variegated hosta –  it sports a cream edge that turns more yellow as the season progresses.  A slower to medium grower, the leaves are heart shaped and about a foot long at maturity.  Upright and vase shaped early on, it spreads out to a large mound of 28-32 inches high and 4-6 feet wide.  A stunning specimen plant!  The leaves have good substance and are fairly slug resistant.