Hosta Winter Snow and Tiarella

TiarellaTiarella  cordifolia –  aka Foamflower – – an amazing shade perennial.

Perfectly compact and a great companion plant for hosta and heuchera.  My Tiarella has adorned this garden, tucked in close to one of my boulders for several years and has just started to bloom this week with starry white blossoms with just a touch of pink.

Also used as a groundcover, this Zone 3 hardy perennial grows 6″-12″ tall and 12″ wide.  An added bonus is a rich burgundy fall color!


A hosta that will fill up your space!  A giant hosta that has glossy chartreuse leaves with white margins with great color contrast.  A sport of Hosta Sum and Substance, Winter Snow will soon  become a favorite.

Hosta Winter SnowWe’ve had this hosta in our inventory for the last couple of years and I planted one last summer and am very pleased with just one seasons growth.  It is proving to be a nice vigorous grower.  In this garden I also have shade perennials and hosta that are darker green and those with some blue tones which makes Hosta Winter Snow really show!