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Hostas – Blue Hawaii and Dancing Queen

After such a long, long winter – and the spring that wasn’t – the colors in the hosta sales area are amazing.  This week – I’m featuring Blue Hawaii and Dancing Queen.

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii – This plant has been out on the market place for many years, but when going through my production house a few weeks ago – it did stop me in my tracks.  It was one of the bluest hosta plants that I have seen.  Much bluer than some of the others next to it.  Large, lightly puckered round leaves, it will have a more upright vase-shaped appearance.  Vigorous and will maintain it’s color throughout the summer.  It will tolerate some sun, and the fragrant white flowers bloom mid-summer.  This plant is considered a large hosta.


Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen – This is an exceptionally unique yellow hosta – it emerges bright yellow and remains yellow all season.  A definite improvement for yellow hostas.  It has large leaves that display a prominent pie crust edge.  Pale lavender flowers will bloom mid-summer from this medium size plant.  In my shade garden, the yellow hosta light up the woods right now.