Hot Weather Planting Success

Hot weather planting success can be guaranteed for your landscape project by following a few very simple steps.  Many people mistakenly believe that “its too hot to plant”, when the facts are that midsummer planting of trees, shrubs and perennials presents a great opportunity to get new landscape plants to root in really well before the growing season ends.

The keys to midsummer planting success are the same as the spring and fall:

1) Good site / soil preparation / fertilization

2) Good quality plant material

3) Aggressive root pruning of plants coming out of plastic nursery pots

4) Proper planting technique

5) Adequate but not excessive hand watering on a disciplined schedule.

Whether they are planted in spring, fall or in the middle of a hot summer, landscape plants have pretty much the same needs as children and family pets.  Our new plants, beloved pets, and precious children all need enough, but not too much food and water on a daily basis.  We would never think of leaving pets and children without food and water.  Your new landscape plants, also need food and water, on a daily basis, and it takes only a few minutes per day to provide this care and assure a very successful planting project.

If you plant 3 trees, 20 shrubs and 20 perennials in mid-summer, and have used proper planting and fertilization techniques, you will be able to water these 43 plants in 10 to 15 minutes per day, following our detailed watering chart.  It’s very simple.

During midsummer the very long days give new landscape plants many hours during which they can be growing new roots each day.  This speeds the establishment of the plants in their new location, and hastens the time when watering can be reduced from daily to every second or third day.

Be advised:  Do not rely on irrigation systems to water your new plants.  Hand water following our chart, and you will get great results, even in the heat of summer.  Irrigation systems are very good once plants have had a full season to become established.

Good luck with your summer planting projects!