Hydrangea Shrubs

Today I went out to do a “little” pruning in the hydrangea shrub section.  With a mission in mind!

Each year, I take a few cuttings of flowers from the hydrangeas for drying and then I keep them in vases for displays inside the house.  The ones that I currently have at home have been dried for two years now.  They are getting a little brittle so I decided it was time for another round of “fresh” hydrangeas for the living room!

My bouquet here features five different varieties – Limelight, Little Lime™ and Invincebelle Spirit®  – each of which is a Proven Winner variety and then Endless Summer and Twist ‘n Shout, both of which are part of the Endless Summer series of Hydrangeas.   I will take these home, place in a cool location that is dark, hang them upside down for 2 to 3 weeks and that is it!     The color will fade some but will still be quite colorful!